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Body Shock

I’ve been missing but not truly, sometimes life is the normal day to day things and then I have nothing to really share with you. Sometimes a small thing happens in the day and I think….I should blog that but then maybe several things shall commence and I’ll wait.

Life is a journey for sure, my kids have a daily journey as the life of a child and dealing with all the things associated with being a child, getting older, exploring life and boundries.  They are having a really hard time with this weather and the crabbies have entered our house 10 fold. 

Me, well, journey continues as always. I had an awesome time at the Zumbathon for Budda Box and managed to reach my goal of 100 participants.  Still continue to teach several classes a week and love every minute of it.  I am going to venture into the journey of R.I.P.P.E.D next week and I’m very excited. It’s a 60 day challenge and hope to come out of it stronger and leaner.

I spent last Saturday celebrating my 1 year Zumbaversary.  Silly as it sounds I was licensed to teach 1 year ago.  It has been an amazing journey of new friends, somewhat understanding family and my body who said “you need to slow down.”  So I taught a pretty tough (in my opinion, HRM said 675 calories burned) playlist that morning and spent 3 hours that afternoon with Krista at  Zin Jam Session in Sun Prairie.  It was an afternoon of constant movement and although fun and a great experience,  My body was done (HRM calculated 1,187 calories), I got home Saturday and had nothing left…literally, my foot hurt, my body sore. I took a shower and sat on the couch.  Sunday my body still was not moving I still had nothing to give, managed to grocery shop and took K to Guys and Dolls.  A very nice musical but too long for an 8 year old and it was super hot in the auditorium so I was fighting sleep through the whole thing.

I tried my best to muster energy to attend Zumba Sunday night.  As Heather can tell you I had nothing and looked like I could collapse into a nap. My HRM attested as an hour of Zumba grabbed me 425 calories burned when a normal class, I don’t teach, gets me 550.

I managed to great nights of sleep and felt fantastic on Monday morning. Raring to go, grabbed Ivan and off we went. Great class, great energy, great friends, felt fantastic. Came home, did some normal things. Sat down and the computer to work on somethings and…BODY SHOCK…

The bottom of my right foot started to itch, so I itched it and continue what I was doing. Then it really itched and as I itched it a felt a HUGE welt and as I turned my foot over it’s swelling and the welt is black and blue and it hurts!.  Really, how do you get an injury sitting still.  May was I ticked. I needed to teach class in Harrisville in 1.5 hours how was I going to do this as I could not step with out a very uncomfortable feeling…UGH – class cancelled and I don’t cancel for anything. I’ve taught through pnemonia, bronchitis, torn ankle tendon and a bicep tare. But, I couldn’t put a shoe on and could not walk comfortably so off to Urgent Care.  The short version of Urgent Care is…wow that is a pretty color and swollen but we have not idea what is wrong with you. If it’s the same in the morning go see a podiatrist.  That was after a 2 hour wait. Grrrrr

I have an appt. today at 12:30.  The bruise is twice the size of yesterday along with the knot inside the bruise.  Still swollen but I can put a tennis shoe on and walk comfortably, not so much in barefeet or sandals.  My body tends to lean on the side of injury to slow me down as I HATE, down time, I’m getting older and I don’t want to.   So, we’ll see what the Dr. says today. Hopefully something really simple like ice, ibuprofen and a day of rest.  I need to teach on Wednesday and Thursday 🙂

Have a great day.  Sun is partially shining atleast.


Floating Along

I’m in a good place, all seems to be going in the right direction.  Few bumps in the road but who doesn’t have them.  I ventured on Friday with an amazing group of people to Stevens Point to a Zumbathon to benefit Autism at Adventure 212 Fitness. Let me say that facility is AMAZING!!!! We need one of those in Portage holy cow.  We had a great time and were a hot sweaty mess when we were done.  The drive home was the longest of my life. 2 hour drive home at 35 miles per hour in a snow storm with no division in the road and no plow in site.  When we finally hit the Columbia County line one lane was salted and you could actually see the road. We made it safely and of course we will venture out again this coming Friday for a Zumbathon for Budda Box in my hometown of Montello.  The weather as of now looks good. Although they says Spring is coming but from what I see its not coming this week.

Saturday morning I taught an awesome group of people at Zumba good thing they all had great energy because mine was lacking :).  Then we ventured to Costco. Everyone has been talking about how great it is. It was pretty cool, I was impressed and did get some pretty good deals there. From there we ventured to the pet store to get some snails, crabs and another fish for our saltwater tank.  We have not had a new fish for along time. We currently have a damsel and a I have no idea what the other one is but she is pink and yellow.  The new fish, didn’t make it 30 minutes, the tortured it chased it, bit off its tale and killed it!  YIKES, $30 dollars for a fish and they killed it…they are a mean bunch of buggers!  I guess they will swim alone for a long time.

Sunday, today, I did nothing.  I did go grocery shopping I did manage to swipe the shopping cart return with the back of my van 😦 and I did manage to get a HUGE headache because I was so mad.  But that is about it. Heather had a HUGE class tonight at Zumba. It is so much fun to teach together with two of us upfront.  Although it’s a really good thing I can multi-task as she talked to me the entire time we where teaching. So, I’m answering her questions, watching the crowd, queing and trying to remember what comes next….Like I said good thing I can multi-task.  That’s all I have.

Have a fantastic week!

I made it all the way till March and now my winter depression has set in.   But is it really depression or am I, like everyone else, entirely sick of this weather.  I want to be outside, I want to go for a walk every day, I want to see my flowers blooming and complain that I have to weed them and water them because we haven’t had any rain in weeks. 🙂  I would like to see the sun shine for more than an hour or a peek and smell the rain coming.  Soon please…

My kids needs to get outside for long periods of time also. They are so nitpicky right now. Her apple is bigger is mine, his scoop of ice cream is bigger than mine, he’s got too much peanut butter, her cookie is bigger than mine, she has more chocolate chips in her cookie!  Really…be happy you have some food!  Not only that but mom can I get this, mom can I get that, mom….Mom’s going to crawl in a warm hole, ALONE,  somewhere. I love my kids to death but they need to get a grip. 

They also are lacking some serious manners right now and seem to be mad at me when I correct them. How hard is it to just say thank you?  I don’t expect it all the time but how about once and a while. I think in life many people take that for granted.  A little thanks goes a long way.

Other than that I’m very excited about 2 upcoming Zumba events. The first one being in Stevens Point this weekend. It’s always nice to see new instructors and “try” to swipe the choreography and bring it back to our classes.  Also our 3rd Z umbathon for Budda Box. I get the honor this year to be the instructor and in charge of our crew. I have always been the participant in this event. I’m excited for my Harrisville and Montello crew to attend as they have never gone either. I also have HUGE suprise for a special person involved in Budda Box that day but…I can’t tell that one.

Have a fantastic day!

Recap to Tuesday..LAZY – yep just plain lazy all day. Didn’t even get out of my pajamas. Did manage to do laundry and play with the kids but it was lazy.  Ate too much no activity.

Wednesday – I got to teach a wonderful bunch of ladies in the morning as Jill was doing her “other job”.  I love all the smiling faces and expressions they all make.  All of my stuff is pretty new to them as I normally don’t teach in Portage unless you find me on a Sunday night or Friday afternoon with Heather and the occassional Saturday morning. I got to end Wednesday night with a great bunch of people in Harrisville. Wednesday night class has been pretty low in attendance and I was told it was because of Lent.  I think they all skipped church that night as it was a great class with people I haven’t seen on a Wednesday since Lent started. I ended the day eating 1,485 calories and my activity burned 1,125.  See a pattern here. When I teach two class in a day I have BIG numbers.

Thursday was a loafing morning. Yep, I surfed You-Tube in the morning for some new songs I really need a new Salsa and a new Cumbia.  Found them…bonus. Now to get them together for Sundays class.

Do you remember back to High School or even Junior high when you had those people that “you just didn’t get along with” truly for no apparent reason, they were just not going to be your friend. That person made my day on Thursday, she had the most wonderful compliments about my teaching and how I inspire others to keep moving.  As I told her it’s my party as much as yours. If you dont’ like what your doing you won’t be back. I’m here to encourage you to keep coming back and enjoy fitness.  I love what I do and want all of you to do the same.

I ended Thursday with Pizza. Yep, 3 slices of Pizza Ranch Pizza.  I was so hungry when I got home it was just what it was. Today is a new day and I moved on.  Didn’t even bother to track it. I know that I did burn 588 calories in class on Thursday night.

Have a wonderful day.

Every Other Day..

No post on Sunday as I  really still have nothing to say.  Still following my process and made it through the weekend. Sunday’s stats were 1357 calories eaten and 578 burned.

Today, 1,400 calories eaten and 1,157 calories burned.

I had an amazing class tonight in Harrisville. We had to change locations due to Hunters Safety being held in our location. A great participant and friend of mine, Liz, has this wonderful husband who is our savior and drives the fire trucks out of the building so that we can have class. It was a very high energy class tonight! I tried a new Salsa tonight, previewed it and even did it without a mistake, afterwards I asked if they liked it, I think I got 5 no’s a few headshakes and a couple odd faces. It’s ok, we’ll do it again on Wednesday cause I like it, ha ha!    This is the same class that groans when I say “I have a new song…or 5 tonight”.  Funny they are just funny.

Last night was a very sleepless night. It was in part to the re-occurring near death experience I had to watch and visits my brain when I close my eyes.  I can’t stress enough to check and double check when driving and always watch out for the other person.  Hopefully tonight getting some sleep will be in the cards.

Weather, really I don’t think you want me to tell you what I think about the weather coming. Kids are excited because the snow hill by us is needing some snow but mom…is so tired of shoveling and snowblowing the driveway.  I want to be outside sweating because it’s so hot weeding my gardens or playing with the kids in the pool.  Winter has been long enough.  Ok, enough complaining.  I will check in again on Wednesday. I’ve decided every other day is easier than every day.

Have a great night.

PS. I wish this program had spell/grammar check!


Totals today 1,358 calories in 510 calories burned.

Yep, no doubt from anyone that has know me forever that I am my father’s child. I tend to speak my mind.  It became quite apparent today and I’ve known it all year.  I grew up playing softball since I was 6 and basketball since 5th grade. My father was the always the loudest on at every game.  I seem to have gotten that “spirit” and use it frequently while my son plays basketball.  5th grade basketball stresses me out. I am the loudest parent on the bench and I am the one telling my son which direction to go, arms up, get under the basket, whom are you defending, REBOUND.  Sometimes I would just like to walk on the court and say “Can you hear me?” But alas I am not the coach I am the parent that wants my son to do his best with what he has.  Several occassions I have had to bite my tongue and try not to watch because he is getting mad at me or making faces at me or telling me to stop.   Thankfully today was the last day of basketball.

Now he wants to try out for baseball…ugh.  He is an awesome hitter but he can’t focus long enough to run from one end of the court to the next for basketball, what will happen during baseball.  I was told Little League is $175 this year.  We will not be playing that for sure.  I think we will see what Park and Rec has to offer as it’s his first time and Little League tends to be a “who you know” sport.

Have a fantastic night.

Still Nothing…

Calories today 1,781 activity 1,249.  A high calorie day for me but I also busted some butt in 2 classes today.  Tired, for sure, I truly have nothing to comment or state today. I’m very happy March is here which means, yes…weeding and tulips are right around the corner. I’m even excited to mow the lawn or even see the lawn.   That’s it for me.

Have a great night!

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